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Password Management Software

What is Password Management Software?

It is system password management software. You can store, access and share passwords at centralized place. It enforce standard password policies and control to shared passwords. It also provides a complete record of who, what and when of password access/create/change.

Why you need ?

  • For remembering password. So hereafter no forget passwords in life time.
  • Accessing password from anywhere
  • Changing the systems password from one machine
  • Avoiding password storage in insecure place
  • Provision for enforcing standard password practices/policies
  • Centralized control
The above needs are satisfied by ManageEngine Password Manager Pro.

What is ManageEngine PasswordManager Pro?

Password Manager Pro (PMP) is a simple solution to securely store, access and administer shared administrative passwords to say in simple words it can used as password repository. It enables IT managers to maintain a central repository of passwords, enforce standard password policies and control unauthorized user access to shared passwords.

What features does it offer?

  • Shared administrative password management
  • Service accounts password management (Application-to-Application / Application-to-Database)
  • Active Directory/LDAP integration
  • Role-based access control & user groups
  • Password ownership & sharing
  • Automated password resets
  • Automatic login to target systems
  • Real-time notifications for password events
  • Comprehensive audit trails and reporting
  • PCI DSS compliance reporting
  • High availability architecture for uninterrupted access to passwords
  • Password Audit

Just try the online demo


Download and Evaluate yourself and become a super admin of password management software.

Happy Evaluating!!!

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